A Guide to CBD Bath Bombs – Do They Work?

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One of the newest and the most interesting CBD products, CBD bath bombs are easy to understand. They are bath bombs infused with this beneficial compound. Users fascinated about the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol usually take it in the form of CBD oil edibles or tinctures but the topical application is recently getting more popular. The advantage of this type of product is the additional ingredients that enhance the bath experience. Topical cannabidiol products are great for a number of reasons. However, beginners can have lots of doubts about their effectiveness. This guide will help you understand whether CBD bombs are the right product for you. 

How CBD Bath Bombs Work?

These products work pretty easily, just like regular bath bombs. You simply put it into a hot bathtub and let the constituents do their part. What makes cannabidiol bath bombs different is the effectiveness of this supplement. Topical methods like this let the compound enter the surface of the skin to interact with the cannabinoid receptors found in the skin. 

These bath bombs also contain ingredients like essential oils that benefit health positively. Some of the components like terpenes possess anti-inflammatory properties and provide relief from inflammation and pain while others can be relaxing and soothing and promote mental health. This way, bath bombs can show a variety of effects depending on the ingredients used. Some of these can have coconut oil and shea butter and show moisturizing effects while others contain citrus fruit essence to increase energy. 

They can have varied uses ranging from pain relief to relaxation and skincare and your choice of product depends on the results you desire.

How To Use CBD Bombs

What makes this product so popular is the ease of use. You simply make your bath ready and drop a bomb into the water. It soon dissolves and makes your bath water aromatic and colorful. The duration of the bath is a personal choice. However, you can consider being in the bath for 15-20 minutes to allow cannabidiol to work. The maximum length is 30 minutes as suggested by experts. Staying too long in your bath can dry out your skin and you can start feeling dizzy in hot water after some time. 

How Much Bath Bombs Cost?

When you are looking to get your CBD bath bombs, you can expect to come across varying prices depending on numerous factors. Products from high-quality brands that use the best lab tests and extraction methods can cost more than other brands. It is your personal choice whether you want to pay for superior quality.

Some other factors affecting the price of CBD bombs include the amount of cannabidiol, size of the bomb and the additional ingredients used. Products with higher potency can cost more than the ones containing less cannabidiol. However, there is no need to use too much of the compound when using it topically. The average cannabidiol content in bath bombs is 25-50mg. They can usually cost between $10 and $20 per piece. You can always find affordable options by hunting around.

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