The CEO’s Perspective of CannaOne Technologies’ Strategy

The CEO’s Perspective of CannaOne Technologies’ Strategy

CannaOne Technologies Inc. is a technology company that has recently developed BloomKit, an enterprise software solution that helps B2C companies facilitate the purchase and sale of cannabis-related products online. In a recent interview, the CEO of CannaOne Technologies, Solomon Riby-Williams talked about the company’s strategy to educate investors and general users.

Solomon Riby-Williams

According to Solomon, a number of corporations have entered the cannabis industry as it grows and the competition is increasing. But cannabis investors would find for themselves that big players have also started entering the market. Many investments and joint ventures are being announced every day and people hear many news and rumors about additional investments from tobacco, alcohol and beverage giants in the marketplace.

CannaOne answers this with a better, more comprehensive marketplace to acquire the customers and a set of powerful tools to retain valuable consumers. The basic software template created by CannaOne is BloomKit – a one-stop solution that offers a fully-functional e-commerce platform with in-store pickup and delivery options. This shows a key strength of the company – innovation.

The cannabis market is extremely hybrid with consumers coming from different geographic and demographic backgrounds. The e-commerce solution developed by CannaOne provides the clients with a customized option to choose a template that suits their own target market and use it in combination with other tools from the suite.

BloomKit is designed to suit the medical as well as recreational market of cannabis. It fulfills the software requirements of single-site companies and can also be scaled to suit multiple locations. The unique factor that differentiates this company is that it is completely cannabis-focused. The user experience is comprehensive and all the tools and modules within the platform are geared towards cannabis products and users.

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